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Bode (bow-dee)

Bode Miller must be the most over-hyped Olympic athlete in modern history. Lucky for me, my company put millions behind this guy. Bye Bye year end bonus!

The first time I ever heard of this guy was at the Q2 all employee meeting this year (which is really for only about 750 employee's in person). As we waited in line to enter the plush Italian leather theatre, all the beautiful ladies who work at the Tiger Woods center were wearing t-shirts that read "Join Bode." There even is(was) a web site out that by that name. Of course it has little content on it right now; I wonder why?

So bottom line: The community of Nike doesn't care about Bode. I don't know a single employee who knew who this guys was before two months ago. I haven't spoken with 1 person that cared whether he won or lost. I did however come across several co-workers that were fiercely calculating in the heads up much larger their bonus checks would be if Nike didn't spend millions promoting this loud mouth jack ass. The web site, the t-shirts, the motor all adds up.

I wonder who the guy is that backed this marketing plan? Nice, real nice. Thanks for that. If we are lucky you'll be joining Perez.

*the comments in this blog do not reflect Nike's opinion or position in anyway. They are the sole thoughts of 1 individual. Please do not sue me.


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