Blogging the Swoosh


Just for the Kool Aid drinkers...

You know what, I think I will keep posting on this blog. Just for the haters, the Kool Aid drinkers.

And you are right, one of the reasons I write is for the rush. Yet I realized over the past couple of weeks that Nike will never know who I am. They will never find me, and frankly I'd be surprised if they wasted their time. You give me more credit than I deserve when you say I'll be hunted down and fired.

Keep this in mind: I could be the guy sitting in the cube next door. The guy you play basketball with at lunch, or the guy on the treadmill next to you at the Lance. I could be your boss, your department head, or even the VP that ensures you and I still have jobs. Hell, I could be your daddy!

Read on. Swoosh.

P.S. Big f&cking deal, I mis-spelled sue me.

*the comments in this blog do not reflect Nike's opinion or position in anyway. They are the sole thoughts of 1 individual. Please do not sue me.


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